Hello I'm Ximena and since I was a little kid I was passionate for drawing and painting. When I was 7 I started taking art classes were I started learning and discovering what I liked to do, by the same time I got into dancing, which turned into another of my passions. For a few years it was only school, art and dancing but when the coronavirus started I self taught me how to skateboard, then I started with piano classes and a few months later I got into ukulele lessons.


By my 14 years I've discovered what I like to do, and that is Creating; creating art, music and dancing.
That is the stuff that makes me happy.      ;)


    Some extra facts about me:
    Favorite animal: Cats
    Favorite colors: Pastel Green, Lila and Light Blue
    Favorite movie: Ready Player One
    Favorite singer: Olivia Rodrigo 
    Nationality: Mexican

    Thanks for reading,
    Hope that you understood a little bit
    more about me :)

    Mini me!